Mark Vander Vinne

About the Artist
Based in
Porter, IN

Using shape, design, paint, and color, Northwest Indiana artist, Mark Vander Vinne captures the rural scenes many would take for granted, such as the road sign by a batch of trees or the quiet calm of the night sky. With its changing weather, moods, seasons, locations, and times of day, nature is a never-ending source of inspiration for Mark.

His style reflects his wide range of influences poised somewhere between the design and mood of tonalism, the gestural brushwork and color of impressionism, and at times a dash of abstract-expressionism and classic illustration.

With a limited palette of oil paints and a thirst for knowledge, Mark approaches his paintings and his workshops with the same attitude — to have fun, continue to push oneself to learn and grow, always be passionate and give it all you got.

Mark graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago, IL and has furthered his education through any means possible, including taking workshops with master artists Ken Auster, Scott Christensen, Marc Hanson, and Kenn Backhaus. Like his many teachers, Mark has a desire to inspire others and share his passion and knowledge of art through his own workshops. His paintings have been featured in numerous solo & group exhibitions as well as plein air events and private collections.

Mark will teach at workshop at Crooked Tree Arts Center, May 12-14: The Nuts and Bolts of Landscape Painting