About the Artist
Based in
St. Joseph, MI

Kristin has been painting professionally since 2009. She has won numerous awards. Her work can be found in many private, corporate and national collections. She is an avid sailor and a US Coast Guard Artist. This year, the USCG Art Program, selected her 6th painting into their national collection, which opens at the Salmagundi Club in NYC.

Mackinac’s Little Gallery represents Kristin’s work on Mackinac Island, and when not painting outside, she can be found in the studio at the Box Factory for the Arts in St. Joseph, MI.


Meet the Artist

What has plein air painting taught you about yourself? Plein air painting has taught me that I can pack lightly, and be resourceful with hauling canvases and paints. Foam core panel carriers and duct tape are indispensable! And that relationships with my fellow artists bring much anticipated joy and gratitude to my heart--also indispensable!

What is the furthest you have traveled for your art/plein air? Plein Air Curacao in 2015 is the farthest event. Fellow artist/ friend Lyn Asselta went too. I was invited by Marilyn Schanze, a mentor and amazing artist supporter who owned a home there at the time and was connected with the event and the area. It wouldn't have been on my radar without her encouragement. It was an amazing trip with many new American and international friends!

Can you share a fond, or unusual, memory of plein air painting? Back in 2011, when living in St Augustine FL, my work was featured in a book that was placed in local hotels. One of the paintings in it was of two children, brother and sister playing in the wet sand at the shoreline. I took the photo one evening. The children were both looking down so there was no concern about using the image as one couldn't see their faces.

Fast forward to the plein air event "Open Air Arts" in Melrose Florida, and I was tucked in painting a close-up of a wisteria in the very early morning. As I stood up to take a stretch, a woman came over excitedly after seeing the name badge, exclaiming my name with her hands waving. She wanted a photo together. Seriously?! I felt like a rock star or something! It turned out that the children in that painting in the book were her grandchildren who had been visiting her in St Augustine and she recognized their clothing in the painting! She drove down to the event specifically to seek me out at the paint-out to tell the story. It was a surprising and magical moment as an emerging painter and one I'll never forget. The original painting was gifted to the Beacon's Children's Hospital in memory of a little one that didn't make it,

What is a recent thing that you painted or drew a picture of? A huge painting of an early morning scene on Mackinac Island. My happy place!

What is your favorite plein air subject, location or time of the year to plein air paint? I love painting boats in quiet harbors. Or boats on the hard because of their interesting shapes and my love of sailing. Spring and summer are my favorite seasons to paint plein air, unless it's a moderate climate in the south.
That said, flowers are probably my second favorite plein air subject.

What is something that looks fun that you want to try? Painting huge outside with acrylics. I would love the challenge! This may be the year!


Artist's Statement

“Painting to me is like poetry; the brush is my painter’s pen, drawing the scene into a simple story using color, composition and value.. I paint with intention from the heart as much as from the head with loose, colorful brushstrokes. My intention is to connect you, the viewer with the story and emotion of the scene, with the hope that my work will bring visual delight.”

  • Oil Painters of America
  • Indiana Plein Air Painters Association
  • The Palette and Chisel
  • US Coast Guard Art Program
  • Hoosier Salon
  • Michiana Plein Air Painters
  • Berrien Artists Guild