R.L. Weber

About the Artist
Based in
Belvidere, IL

Early on in life, R.L. Weber gravitated towards nature and the arts through his family’s extended excursions into the wilderness and was nurtured by his mother who was a musician and photographer. He attended University in Northern Illinois in the eighties, graduating with a BFA emphasizing in illustration and quickly took to a freelance career in Chicago working for major corporations, publishers, toy companies and television series for over 20 years.

A shift in focus after the Great Recession forced an exodus from commercial art into something new and the combination of painting in nature along with a more expressive art was a dynamic combination that has had him hooked ever since.

R.L. views his surroundings through an artistic lens, conveying the design, mystery and awe of his daily encounters with an honest and unique application of paint. His compositions seem to draw-in and hold onto the viewer’s eye as they explore the little slice of world whether it be urban or country. His smart use of broken edges, smears and brush drags draws the viewer into his visions of our everyday world with a simultaneous sense of mystery and familiarity. This leaves us feeling like we somehow have a strong visceral connection to the scene as we search deeper into our own past experiences and feelings for connections to his vision. Viewing RL Weber’s paintings is thought-provoking and comfortable, and this combination leaves us with the desire to see more from this award-winning artist.